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At Volonté, we believe that the fitness studio has evolved into a social space with a strong community focus.

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Classes offered at our Energy studios.

Pilates Reformer

Our Reformer classes are great for all levels, combining controlled movements with resistance delivering a full body workout that improves posture and alignment while toning your muscles.


Our Pilates Classes focus on balance, flexibility and control. We offer Mat Pilates which focusses the fundamental of core strengthening training to the reformer which offers a full body experience designed to leave you invigorated.

Rhythm and Burn

Get ready to groove and and sweat your way to fitness, Move to the beat of the music as you burn calories and tone your entire body. The class blends dance and cardio with easy to follow routines for the ultimate dance fitness workout.


Elevate your practice from beginners classes that focus on foundational poses, to connecting your breath to movement with our dynamic flow classes. Recharge and unwind with our restorative session or join in the power yoga sessions if you crave intensity in your practice.

Total Body and Barre

Elevate your fitness with our total body and barre class. A high energy class combines strength training, cardio, core work and barre techniques. This is and empowering session leaving you feeling stronger more toned and energised. Suitable for all levels.

Booty Core

A functional class using bands and bodyweight, it's an opportunity to get back top basics as well as challenging yourself in different ways. Tightening the glutes and strengthening the core

About Volonté Energy

At Volonte Energy, we believe that the fitness studio has evolved into a social space with a strong  community focus. 

Our Classes are small training groups lead by expert coaches, which allows personal attention  while making it fun and sociable. 

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